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Sound City Project — via @thisisYCN
Great to see @tashwillcocks and check out @hyperisland awesome rooftop space —
Very nice > > Ian Simpson's apartment at the top of Beetham Tower —
Solid advice > > Five reasons why projects fail —

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@233miles: @WeAreRaw you guys coming to #233miles private view: Monday 6th July 7pm - 9pm can't wait to see you there!
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@tashwillcocks: @GaryCorr @WeAreRaw @hyperisland our roof top-the amazing @cu1turesponge created curiosity

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Andy on Happy Snappers II

Lovely pictures
Inspired: Studio Weave

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Professor Kliq - Plastic and Flashing Lights
Easy as 123
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Rob on Made North

Nicely written Tobes!