The Science of Play

As the annual Design Manchester 2014 festival edges closer, with the main event kicking off on Friday 24th October, the series of surrounding exhibitions and events continues to grow around the city centre. Following on from the imagination focussed 10x10 exhibition in September, this Wednesday sees The Science of Play event open its doors, again at Federation House.

There’s a stellar list of contributors, all bringing to the party their own playful piece of design thinking – including our good selves – with speakers Matthew Kenyon, Mick Timpson and Fieldwork starting off the evening’s proceedings.

‘Make Work Play’ has become one of our favourite studio mottos, guiding our approach to the creative process and the attitude we like to show up with each day. Working as three separate entities or brought together with one meaning, these words have been played with and doodled on by over 30 people for this exhibition – from toddlers to middle-agers – with one brief: don’t overthink it and be playful in the moment.

The Science Of Play 02
The Science Of Play 04
The Science Of Play 03

Holding on to a sense of wonder and play within our work is why most of us ended up in the world of design and being curious and playful is one of the forces that, we believe, should never become dusty and overlooked. And finding some collaborators is always a good way to get into the right frame of mind.