​PLY - Pizza Box Competition

​PLY - Pizza Box Competition

We recently took part in a local competition run by hipster pizza joint Ply to design/decorate a pizza box that was to be judged by Scott Wiener from New York who boasts his own Guinness World Record breaking pizza box collection which would be exhibited alongside the winning design.

Ply Pizza Box 02

We came runner up, and although we didn't win, we had loads of fun putting together our entry piece. Time spent on fun projects like this is really great for going all out on our creativity without many restrictions. And that's exactly how we saw this brief... no restrictions!

Ply Pizza Box 05

The brief was 'Ply', so focusing on their ethos of not just eating there but being creative in many aspects, we decided to make the box into a 'Fuzzy Felt' game to encourage creativity and imagination. The top became a pizza that worked as the board and inside were stored all of Ply's pizza topping options and a 'menu-style' instructions leaflet.

Ply Pizza Box 03

The idea being, that with your friends you can create your own perfect Ply pizza. Slice it up with the included felt pizza cutter and take your piece!

Ply Pizza Box 07
Ply Pizza Box 10

Of course we had a go ourselves – veggie options verses meat feasts!

Ply Pizza Box 08
Ply Pizza Box 09

Pictures by Sleeveboy