Bringing The Bed Buds To Life

Bringing The Bed Buds To Life

We are reaching out to our community to help with our latest children's project. Some of you may have heard we've been working on the Bed Buds project through our little sister company, Make Work Play. 

We are doing some research at the moment and would love it if you could spending five minutes helping us out. All you need to do is take a look at the designs below and then fill in this simple questionnaire.

Having this feedback from you, and most importantly, your little ones, will really help us as we take the project into production! 


The Bed Buds is an animal themed children’s duvet set centred around educating children on animal habitats around the world, as well as encouraging creativity in each child by getting them to dream up their own stories with their favourite Bed Bud. The Bed Buds take children on an adventure into animal habitats across the world, helping them to understand new places and how we can protect them for years to come.

Bed Buds Dolphin
Bed Buds Turtle

We care deeply about everything on this planet, and we want to be a positive force for good across three key areas:

1. Encouraging Children’s Creativity  

2. Preserving Animal Habitats    

3. Promoting Ethical Fairtrade Practises 

There are currently five Bed Buds, illustrated by the talented Spencer Wilson, from habitats around the world.

Bed Buds Panda
Bed Buds Orangutang

There is also a map on one side of the duvet cover which encourages children to get under their duvet with a torch in hand to dream up their own adventure at night time.  

Bed Buds Bear
Bed Buds Map

You can visit the survey and pick out your favourite designs and give us your thoughts. 

If you have any friends or family that you think might enjoy the Bed Buds please share it with them too. 

Visit The Survey

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