Creative Boom Interview

Creative Boom Interview

If there are any go-to design blogs that most creatives have in their bookmarks the awesome and always inspiring Creative Boom has got to be one of them. Founded by Katy Cowan, Cofounder of Boomerang PR, the site features some of the most compelling and well-crafted creative ideas from all around the world. 

Katy also regularly features creative types and companies, revealing the working practices, passions, and challenges of being in the ever-changing creative world. We were lucky enough to wrap up 2016 with a full feature on our own journey of 'breaking the mould and downsizing our studio' for a healthier, happier future. 

We've had such a warm and supportive response to the interview – from clients, loved ones and the wider design community, with so many people opening up and feeling better that they're not alone in their urge for a simpler life. 

I think it was Patagonia Founder, Yvon Chouinard, who said it's really really easy to complicate your life and then it's really challenging to find your way back to to living simply. Hopefully sharing our story with others can help a few more people to start making their way back to a simpler way of working.  

Why not read the interview and share with any colleagues or loved ones who might be looking to make a similar shift?

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