Do Good Podcast

Do Good Podcast

I'm really excited to share that I have launched my own podcast and you can check out the first few episodes now. I'll be sharing people's inspiring and uplifting stories from around the world. There's so much good happening right now on the planet, which sadly isn't getting enough attention and the podcast aims to share these people's stories and inspire listeners to go out there and do their own bit of good in the world.

I've got interviews lined up with a woman who is running a homeless organisation, an inspiring owner of a green energy company, a healthy food start-up entrepreneur, as well as the editor of a really uplifting magazine.

Each episode I'll be sitting down with them over a brew and delving into what makes them tick, the journey they've gone on and share plenty of nuggets of wisdom along the way.

The podcast is available to listen on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher.

In episode 1 below I discuss what the podcast is all about and the kind of guests I'll be having on:

Episode 2 covered my interview with the editor of Positive News Magazine, Lucy Purdy. In this episode I had the pleasure of finding out more about the inner workings of the magazine, her love of nature and growing food, as well the people that inspire her to do what she does:

In episode 3, I sat down with Viv Slack to talk about her organisation, Street Support Network, which is doing an incredible job at connecting charities to help put an end to homelessness:

Episode 4 is with young entrepreneur, Nat Shilton, from The Nakery talking about her delicious healthy treats she’s been creating for the past 3 years. Plenty of actionable advice shared throughout this one:

Episode 5 is with the inspirational Stephen Yip from KIND sharing his wealth of knowledge & experience of running a children's charity for the past 43 years – this one is well worth a listen:

Episode 6 is with Neil & Dina Kingsnorth from Patch of the Planet for an enlightening talk on permaculture, building community & homeschooling:

In episode 7 I discuss how I’ve carved out more time for the things I love. I share how I’ve taken a complete U-turn in how I work freeing up more time to spend on the things that bring me joy:

Episode 8 is with Alex Nunn from Action for Happiness where he explores what it means to find meaning & happiness:

In episode 9 I talk about how through our own self-learning practices we can begin to make more positive choices in our lives:

Episode 10 is with talented artist, illustrator & author Matt Sewell on following his passion & becoming a successful author:

In episode 11 I share my thoughts on embracing failure as part of the process and how it’s key to mastering any skill.

Stay tuned for future episodes on SoundCloud, iTunes, Spotify & Stitcher.

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