Every Meal Counts

Every Meal Counts

We've just put the final touches to our very first campaign for the Vegetarian Society, Every Meal Counts. Our work with the charity all started following the success of our self-initiated festive project, Let's Talk Turkey, a website which shone a light on the treatment of factory-farmed turkeys in the UK. Our self-initiated work has always been at the heart of our studio so it's been such a great reward to work with a new client from one of our own 'for fun' ideas.

For this campaign we've widened our sights to the whole spectrum of meat, fish and seafood that make up many of our favourite meals, with a focus on the big impact reducing meat and becoming a vegetarian can have on the environment, personal health and animal welfare.

Veg Society Every Meal Counts 09

The animated videos follow the journey of Matt the cat man, Winnie the adventurer, and Alan the healthy-eating convert as they begin to introduce more meat-free meals into their week. Visitors to the site can also take the test by answering a set of simple questions which then provide each user with a set of personalised facts, from the water footprint of a piece of steak to the number of dolphins killed in mainstream tuna fishing techniques.

A big thanks goes out to all of our collaborators on this project too, from the Vegetarian Society team to James, our music man and Chris, our animator!

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