Hiut Denim - The Story Behind The Brand

Hiut Denim - The Story Behind The Brand

I had the pleasure of speaking with Hiut Denim co-founder David Hieatt on my podcast recently. I don't normally share individual interviews on our blog but since this brand is really popular with creatives and David's background within our industry I thought it would make good listening for those interested in branding and product design.

Their ethos is to Do One Thing Well and because of that approach many say they make the best jeans on the planet right now (which I have to agree with having owned a pair for the last 7 years).

Hiut Denim Jeans
David and Clare Hieatt Hiut Denim podcast

When I started this podcast back in 2018 I had a list of the kind of people and companies that I wanted to speak with and Hiut was on that list. Not just because they make the best jeans but because of the mission behind the brand and how they are bringing craftsmanship back to a town which desperately needed to start making things again.

Set up by David and Clare Hieatt, their mission is to get back the 400 jobs that were lost when the biggest jeans factory in Britain closed its doors back in 2001. And no doubt they've been going about it in the right way since they opened up shop, then when Meghan Markle was seen wearing their jeans in 2018 it took them to a whole new level and allowed them to move back into the original factory that used to make 35,000 jeans per week.

Normally they focus their attention solely on making jeans, however, during the current lockdown they put their skills to good use and started making scrubs for the frontline workers. Making thousands and giving them away for free.

Hiut denim scrubs message lockdown
Hiut Denim Making Scrubs During Lockdown

David shares his experience of setting up and selling one successful company with Howies, right through to where he's taken Hiut Denim to this day. He also talks about the time when he spoke with Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard and the advice he shared with him, mostly around how he managed to maintain ownership of the company as it grew in size.

Whether you are working in the design industry, a budding entrepreneur or a seasoned pro, there is plenty of wisdom shared in this episode on having patience and hard work with your idea and the importance of curating a story behind your brand.

Take my word for it, there’s a lot worth absorbing in this episode.

It's available to listen on Apple, Spotify, SoundCloud and can be viewed on my YouTube channel.

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