Mentoring The Hyper Island Crew

Mentoring The Hyper Island Crew

For a good few years I had been hearing really good things about Hyper Island and how it's breaking the traditional mode of how we teach the next generation. So when Tash Willcocks, Programme Manager of Digital Media Management, asked me to come in and be the Industry Leader for the StartUp programme I was all ears.

The Digital Media Management course is a Masters-level leadership program and in their own words "designs learning experiences that challenge companies and individuals to grow and stay competitive in an increasingly digitised world".

I spent 5 weeks mentoring the DMM students. To start off, I gave the group an introductory about Raw and then discussed the new product based company, Make Work Play, that we're currently working on. Since this program was all about the groups developing a digital product, I was able to share direct experiences with the students. And those that know me well will know my love of sharing inspiring quotes, so my talk was littered with plenty of nuggets of wisdom.

HyperIsland 02 v2

Sign-off slide from my introductory talk.

After introductions it was all about getting down to business and supporting the group as they split into teams and got cracking with their ideas.

Straight from the off I was super impressed with them all – their attitude, enthusiasm and energy was off the charts. It's brilliant to see dozens of students from all over the world come together and connect the way they do. I believe it's in part down to how Hyper is set up and their approach but it's impressive all the same.

At the end of the five weeks the groups presented their pitch to over 50 people, including industry leaders and local design studios. in the end the it was the Wand crew that took the winning prize with their idea of connecting mural artists with property owners and businesses in order to transform blank walls into unique art. There were some other really innovative ideas on show from the rest of the teams which I'm sure could be developed further.

HyperIsland 05
HyperIsland 04

On reflection, my time with the students was a two-way teaching experience. I genuinely feel that I learnt as much from it as the students did and I will be watching with eagle eyes to see how their ideas and careers manifest. To read more about the module check out Hyper Island's blog post.

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