Christmas by Colour

Frustrated at the plethora of Christmas reds, whites and greens we decided to explore the colours people really associate with their Christmas. In a season filled with clichés and mass consumerism, asking people to suggest their own unique memories resulted in a kaleidoscope of colour and often offbeat suggestions – we certainly weren't expecting a secretary's nipple to find its way onto the final list!

CBC 05

Thousands of people from around the globe embraced the project and relished the opportunity to suggest their own colour and its personal meaning. We then handpicked the best contributions to go on our nice list and be featured on the hugely popular Pantone-inspired A1 poster. As a spin off, we also created a set of top 12 Christmas by Colour cards, voted for by our army of colour-loving followers.

CBC 07

Bronze award in Poster category

Roses Design Awards