Jim's Scarf Project

One winter’s evening Manchester artist and avid knitter Jim Giles dreamt up the idea of wrapping his older people’s home in a giant 400m long scarf. The scarf would symbolise the warmth and protection the building had offered him, and would also represent the great joy that knitting had brought him over the years.

Jims Scarf Project 01

When 86-year-old Jim told us about his idea for the large scale art installation we loved the sentiment and offered up our skills to spread the word online. The 400 metres of scarf was to be created by joining together a series of scarf donations which could then be separated and sold on for charity.

Jims Scarf Project 11
Jims Scarf Project 12

The responsive website and visual identity we created documented Jim’s journey to the final big wrap and allowed knitters from around the world to contribute their scarves.

Jims Scarf Project 05

"A great idea by Jim, an 84 year old knitter, and a lovely site by Raw."

Matt Booth via Twitter

Jims Scarf Project 11
Jims Scarf Project 28

Following the launch of the site and sharing on social media we had a huge response, with thousands of hits to the website. The project was also shared on social media by hundreds of people, with donations coming in from as far as California (see the three awesome ladies in the pic below).

Jims Scarf Project 26
Jims Scarf Project 27

And we all went along on the big day, along with a few hundred other supporters, who volunteered to hold up the giant scarf as it snaked around the Grade II listed building. We came home with a giant pile of beautifully knitted scarves and our Creative Director, Rob, also made Jim a knitted typographic memento to wrap up the proceedings.

Jims Scarf Project 25
Jims Scarf Project 20
Jims Scarf Project 24
Jims Scarf Project 23
Jims Scarf Project 10
Jims Scarf Project 07
Jims Scarf Project 09

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