Len Legsworth Children's Book

Len Legsworth – Trapped In the Attic is the first book to be published by our little sister company, Make Work Play Lab. Written by our very own Ruth Watson and illustrated by Andy J. Miller, the picture book follows the adventure of Len the spider as he explores the seasons and goes on a festive adventure that helps him discover the greatest gifts are often the ones we already have inside. 

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We collaborated with American illustrator Andy J. Miller – most known for The Indie Rock Coloring Book, the collaborative Color Me _____ exhibit and his Creative Pep Talk podcast – to bring the story to life with a host of colourful characters. The book was then printed in a beautiful hardback first edition using a textured GF Smith paper on the cover. 

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We launched the book both in shops and online, with a dedicated website which allowed readers to see reviews, buy online and discover some spider stats that they might have been missing from their general knowledge. Who knew a spider's silk could be stronger than steel? 

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Asleep Case Study
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Len Legsworth is the first book that we have created as part of Make Work Play Lab and we're looking forward to developing more products that help kids and parents explore their world with a little more wonder. 

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