NHS – New You

Getting a teenage audience to rethink their attitude to healthy eating and exercise was the key challenge for this project. One of the areas we felt could engage the audience was a heightened desire to look good and feel accepted within their peer group. Using this as the basis for the project, we created a helpful book which was wrapped in a plastic case featuring an unhealthy set of characters. When taken off, the happier, more attractive ‘new you’ inside would be revealed.

NHS New You 01

Playing on this interest in external appearance allowed us to hook in young readers and give them a wide range of simple tips and tools to improve their diet and lifestyle choices.

NHS New You 02
NHS New You 03

To bring the messages to life, we teamed up with illustrator Matt Sewell whose colourful characters and active scenes added to the whole feeling of a fresh and healthy approach to daily life.

NHS New You 05
NHS New You 06

Best Use of Illustration and Silver award for Consumer Campaign

IPA Best of Health Awards