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Communicating life-saving health messages to a young adult audience required more than the usual leaflet and poster route that so many NHS organisations rely on. The forward-thinking campaign team at NHS Southern Derbyshire CCG were keen to opt for a new, interactive approach to reducing the number of young people visiting A&E with minor conditions.

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We came up with the concept for a web-based app, taking inspiration from the Tinder format, allowing users to decide on the best treatment option for a host of ill and injured characters.

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Gamifying the information for a range of common conditions allowed users to take in the core facts whilst interacting with the illustrated characters and having the decision handed over to them on the best treatment option – A&E, walk-in centre, GP, Pharmacy or calling 111 and self care from home.

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"Raw cut through heaps of background information to offer us a creative communications solution which made a real difference. They are always brilliant to work with and get us the results we need."

Jenny Goodwin External Communications Manager

The responsive game made it ideal for the campaign team to promote via their main service finder website and allowed them to take the game out into A&E waiting rooms and as part of targeted campaign activity in Derby city centre.

The success of the game amongst the target audience, as well as young children and the elderly, allows for further expansion with a host of new characters and scenarios for the CCG team to explore.

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