The FA – Use Your Head

The FA’s Respect team tasked us with one of our toughest briefs to date: stop people using bad language and dissent at grassroots level. Our route to tackling this engrained social issue was to focus on the future of the game and the impact this behaviour was having on small clubs’ finances and the next generation of young players.

The NLS is made up of smaller leagues and clubs with a keen sense of their own identity and pride in their heritage. Running a football club in the NLS and sustaining a squad, a home ground, and the travel requirements of fixtures means that finances are generally tight, with many clubs living hand to mouth. For this reason, spectator attendance, locally derived sponsorship revenue and funding is an important revenue stream for clubs.

The FA Use Your Head 01
The FA Use Your Head 02

By laying out the current situation and the possibilities from turning around this negative pattern, the campaign offered an alternative view to previous awareness campaigns that had failed to have a real impact.

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