NHS – Caring Never Grows Old

With a need to recruit over 100 new nurses and health professionals in a short period of time, Derbyshire Community Health Services NHS Trust (DCHS) challenged us to create a multi-channel recruitment campaign that would help them to stand out in a competitive marketplace.

The campaign began ahead of the national ‘winter pressure period’ which sees NHS Trusts across the country compete for new staff to serve the increased number of patients in the colder months. Straight from the off we wanted to create a campaign that was considered and thoughtful – something that wasn’t just your standard recruitment campaign.

NHS Caring Never Grows Old 01

The concept of Caring Never Grows Old was borne out of the unwavering dedication and compassion that DCHS staff showed for their patients, and the timeless charm and working environment that the rolling Derbyshire countryside has to offer. At the heart of the campaign is a set of three documentary style videos, featuring real nurses from the DCHS team to celebrate the great work that goes on in the local community. We also created a website which allows people to discover more about living and working in Derbyshire and register their interest in the roles available.

NHS Caring Never Grows Old 02

Supported by a comprehensive outdoor, radio and online advertising campaign, the videos received over 12,000 views and the campaign exceeded all initial performance indicators. The original target was to attract 500 interested parties. By the end of the main campaign activity over 6000 people had enquired about the roles or attended an open day, which broke all previous estimates by 1200%.

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"Well, after working as a qualified nurse in the NHS for over 25 years, I have just seen the best advert ever. I feel proud and privileged!"

Karen Brown NHS Worker

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